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All Dommes appearing on this site are being recorded live on cam in real time. Obey your mistress through webcam, meet dominatrixs online for BDSM play and gratification. This page contains the top 10 Femdom Mistresses seeking slaves to server them. Your dominatrix is waiting, get whipped, bound, and forced to pleasure your domina.
Featuring the meanest of the mean girls
These domineers will use you every way, strapons, humiliation, ass worship, servitude, chasity. If your ready to be commanded to take a dildo, or be put in a chasity for a week, heres your chance, these girls will do it with a giggle. All the dominatrixs listed bellow have been rated the highest, giving them a try will not be a regret.


What to expect:
I'm so incredibly naughty You wouldn't believe it! Try my curvaceous body in my private room and don't forget that great opportunities are never lost - they are just found by somebody else.
My Command:
Tear off the clothes of me, throw me to the bed, put my legs in the air and make me moan!

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What to expect:
I am your Goddess, i am your Mistress!!I am the reason you live and breathe!!I am everything you ever wanted and i will own your heart, your mind, your body and spirit!!In fact i already am...can't you feel it???
My Command:
I enjoy intelligent, empathetic and calculated Domination.

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What to expect:
Switch girl is here, I may look like an angel with this innocent face, but you'll see I am a devil with big naughty boobs, big ass and a desire to fuck and be fucked, my fetish? to fuck you hard!
My Command:
I like titjob, feetjob, being tied and punishing you, to punish my pussy, but also to make you scream in pain, I like to be your slave, but also your mistress, let's see, what are we'll playing today?

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Dominas ready to play out your fantasy
Talk about what your fantasy is before going live. These shows are garantteed to be hotter than anything you've ever seen in porn. Try it once and you'll be addicted and on a high for the rest of the day. Play it out with a real mistress starting at only 0.98 cents a minute.


What to expect:
Hey there! I love my breasts the most. People are saying that I'm really beautiful and smart although I have the kinkiest thoughts You can imagine, visit my show and You surely won't regret it.
My Command:
Reveal Your most feared sexual fantasies for me and let me make them come true. One of my greatest desires to see my partners cum on cam2cam.

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What to expect:
Guys, are You dreaming about hot sex? Then come to my show so we can have some fun together!
My Command:
I love to see my partners on cam2cam - let the shades behind You, turn on the lights, be brave and show me Yourself - make my day so I can surely make Yours.

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What to expect:
Horny Slut, Naughty but Obedient Slave, here to produce pleasure, the perfect swich, I love fetishes, I have many, tell me yours and let's make the best encounter, my kinky thinking and your dirty mind ...a great fuck!!
My Command:
I'm into all kinds of fetishes, I like to be a subbmisive whore but also a cruel mistress: I like: cbt, games, pussy games, deepthroat, roleplay, all about spitting games and more! Surprise me with your game idea!

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What to expect:
Let me introduce myself. I am Mistress Carly.I can-create-for you, a deliciously Dominant physical experience or sadistically torture your mind.I find a mixture of both these elements works best.
My Command:
I will find out exactly what makes you tick, so as to give you a very personalized tailored experience. You will never know what I am thinking when I look directly at you, but you can be sure it involves you.

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What to expect:
My natural beauty, my tattoos, transporting you physically and emotionally to a parallel world where you will OBEY me.
My Command:
Enslaving you, making you my toy, playing with your testicles and ass and most of all PUNISH you!

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What to expect:
I can do all You want me to do. There is hardly anything You cannot ask from me.
My Command:
I just like things a little rough.And you better not disagree.

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